Proipapel was set up in 1975 in Sabadell as an engineering firm. Among its first jobs was the execution of a project for a plant to debark pine logs for the firm Inpacsa of Balaguer(*).
(*) Graphic information attached, plus article published in the journal Ingeniería Química [Chemical Engineering].

Two years later the company moved to Girona and began to produce small designs for inclusion in other small installations. The first wire cutter for bundles of scrap paper dates from this time, the first two units being supplied to the firm Saica in Zaragoza. Among the company's other work in its early days was its first pneumatic conveyor installation, at the converting plant belonging to the firm Inpacsa. At the time nobody had any idea of the resulting success and growth this business would bring for the firm. The same period saw the development of a new tubeless filter for grape must, preventing oxidation. This device was highly novel as the mechanical concept was based on the suction cylinders in paper machines. This filter was subsequently copied and marketed by several Italian firms.

In 1983 the company was reorganised and changed its name to Proipafisa. It kept the same headquarters up until the move to the new plant at CELRA, in Girona province.

This was the beginning of a productive period which saw the introduction of new devices, most of them for the paper ancillary industry. In these years new devices were developed and patented, the highlight among them being the Cicloturbo cyclone separator. New processes in the specialist area of pneumatic conveying were also created thanks to the single line, a system developed and patented by Proipafisa and which revolutionised the traditional system used in cardboard production. The new feed concept for cardboard box die cutting plants is known as Línea Única or Single Line conveying. All the offcuts generated in the plant are collected by a single channel. This type of installation is complemented by the Cicloturbo separator and the Tritur power unit, which channels 100% of offcuts using a single unit. The firm's business was subsequently broadened to cover the TISSUE converting industry, with maculature from rotary printing presses for magazines, and recently maculature from newspaper printing.

Proipafisa also provides full turnkey installations for processing waste produced in a plant in order to minimise consumption and cut down on maintenance while protecting the environment, all in a simple way.

The system has been proven in a host of installations. At the same time, different equipment and processes have been developed in response to the needs of industry; highlights among these include:

- An automatic wire cutter for twin bundles of scrap paper positioned in parallel.
- Modular, self-cleaning and self-emptying filters.
- Paper converting equipment: high-productivity machinery to produce books of cigarette papers and mechanisms for new forms of packaging.
- Centrifuging and filtering for the pharmaceutical industry.

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